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About Toyhorses and Howick

Toyhorse International, founded in 1960, is the UK's premier stud of miniature horses, located at Howick Farm, near Billingshurst, West Sussex. Owned and run by Mrs Tikki Adorian, it is world famous.
Toyhorses originate from many different blood-lines including Falabella and Shetland. Their pedigrees are fascinating - those with Shetland pony ancestors have recorded pedigrees going back to 1856. They are versatile, hardy, highly intelligent animals with great character.
10 stallions stand at stud including the diminutive partbred falabella spotted BMHS International Supreme Champion of Champions Toyhorse Count Capuccino (29"), RG Gat Remondo, the superb 100% falabella piebald who has sired many champions, TH Didymus, roan and white 28" BMHS Supreme Champion of Champions, TH Prince Galahead, 28" chestnut, Andrea of Kilverstone, 29" spotted falabella and TH Mr D, 27" dun son of Cappuccino.
As well as being champions throughout the world, Toyhorses are also record breakers. In 1996 Toyhorse Countess Natushka was officially recognised as the "smallest horse in the world" by the Guinness Book of Records, measuring, at four years old, a tiny 27 inches high. TH Wonkytonks subsequently stole the title from her at only 24.5 inches
Toyhorses are also television stars, having appeared on a variety of British television programmes. These include GMTV, Pets Win Prizes, The Big Breakfast, Record Breakers, Blue Peter, Wogan, Animal Country, Pet Power, Motormouth, Horses for Courses, Brilliant Creatures, It's a Small World and the film Black Beauty.
Toyhorses are for sale throughout the year and visitors are always welcome at Howick. The farm is in an idyllic situation, set among 200 acres of beautiful English countryside. Picnic areas are provided and by prior appointment teas and light refreshments. There is a souvenir shop with items from as little as 10p, offering a wide variety of gifts.
Conducted tours can be arranged by telephoning 01403 822639. A nominal amount of 3.00 per adult and 2.50 per child will be charged.